AgileDynamicsGame® Certification

The idea behind the AgileDynamicsGame® is bigger than our team of authors. Become part of the growing AgileDynamics consultant community and get to know the game and its DNA in our three-day intensive training.

Support Evolution

In the AgileDynamicsGame® certification you get the full package of know-how transfer. In addition to the actual game experience including reviews, you will learn everything about the DNA of the underlying scientific integral model, as well as tips and tricks from game moderation. As a certified AgileDynamicsGame® consultant, you can get started right away to make an fundamental difference in your field of activity - or simply save the world. At the end of the training you will receive the AgileDynamicsGame® consultant certificate, as well as the AgileDynamicsGame® moderation guide, which will make your performance perfect. As a certified AgileDynamics-Game® consultant, you are entitled to use the game and its methodology within the framework of the expected quality standard.

AgileDynamicsGame® Analytics

Corporate culture is precision work. Connect the world of AgileDynamicsGame® with the best analysis tool for values, culture and change in a three-day intensive training. Be the bridge from experience to result!

Measuring Mindset

To supplement the game, we offer training to become a ValueMatch Certified Practitioner exclusively in Germany. With ValueMatch we offer online assessment tools and additional services based on the ideas of Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations. Where conventional personality profiles are based on human behavior, ValueMatch instruments measure the underlying value systems. As a complementary measurement method to the AgileDynamicsGame®, this training is the icing on the cake of in-depth insights, with the help of which, the fit of mindset and work-context can be numerically evaluated.

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