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Reinventing Management

Never before have more people been interested in new management approaches than today.

Integral theory and reinventing organizations are the most promising models of a new generation of meaningful, agile collaboration.


The simulation process AgileDynamicsGame® offers the perfect entry tool into the world of Reinventing Organizations and integral work. In less than 2 game days, all variants of evolutionary organizational forms can be tried out experimentally and checked for functionality in the existing culture.


Managers are prepared for the dimensions of self-leadership, wholeness and evolutionary sense. Resilience, adaptability and socio-cultural innovation are trained and transferred to the real work situation.


Off to the agile laboratory!


Our three-dimensional business simulation AgileDynamicsGame®, developed for this purpose, offers the most successful experimental field of interpersonal dynamics in dealing with diversity and complexity.

Mastering agile transformation in a playful way

The courage to change is experienced in the natural tension between opportunities and risks. The AgileDynamicsGame® offers you all the opportunities to create successful development and change processes for the 21st century.


Experience 50.000 years of human history in just 36 hours


Create start-ups and international movements every minute


Solve VUCA crises in co-creative collaboration


Lead the world into the age of a new economy

Tailored mindset

Only the AgileDynamicsGame® offers a structured process to develop the right mindset for agile practices. Finally, agility can be thoroughly understood in just two days.

Trying out work techniques, meetings and frameworks of New Work in the context of a game is part of the AgileDynamicsGame® experience. From Scrum Poker to Business Model Canvas to Daily Stand-up Format, everything is included.


The course of the game creates various scenarios on the topic of leadership. When is a strong leadership initiative helpful and useful? Can self-organization work without leadership? The participants experience the greatest myths and ambivalences about agile leadership up close and impressively.


New structural forms of work alternate with classic approaches in the course of the game. The pros and cons in the respective context is part of the experience world of the AgileDynamicsGame® and ensures drama, excitement and surprising turns.


Not only the attention to detail is part of the unique gaming experience. Also the realization that a change in the mindset is based on values and cannot be generated with factual logic.


The claim to lead our increasingly complex companies into a good future can only be achieved together and only within the framework of a larger picture. AgileDynamicsGame® offers an experiment kit for platform companies with the latest economic models. Everyone is part of the solution. Together the world is kept flowing.


Each of the three phases of the game is immediately evaluated by our certified coaches. The analysis shows the potential of individual people and teams. Together with the knowledge of agile pitfalls, real business cases and high-performance teams can be created to keep the organization adaptable and agile.

A game as agile as its use cases


Simply combine with complementary measurement methods and agile practices.


Iterative learning loops alternating between gaming experience, retrospective and transfer.


3 sprints in 1 or 2 days.


10 to 30 participants per game world. Large group events 300+ participants scalable as desired.


Organizational development, training as an agile coach, leadership training, Scrum Master 2.0, high-performance teams, group event.


Self-leadership - wholeness - evolutionary sense.


We cover all areas of the company: development of the future, strategy development, cooperation, knowledge transfer, customer orientation, platform design, project management, etc.


Do you have super individual wishes? always bring it with us - we love customized!

Do you have any questions? Would you like advice on the right format or book a workshop for your team right away? We look forward to the first contact with you!
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